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Who Are We?

NanoPro is the Original Ceramic Coating Company that has perfected the engineering of ceramic coating for cars and marine. We customize products according to our client’s needs and requirements. Our State of The Art Formulas contain the highest grade raw materials. Nano Pro technology is 3-5 Years ahead of it's competitors. All of the Nano Pro’s products are shatter-resistant with unsurpassed protection and a high-gloss mirror shine!

What Can We Coat? Everything!


NanoPro Nautilus Sio3™ Ceramic Coating


NanoPro Borophene Ultimate™ Coating


NanoPro 9H Sio3™ Ceramic Coating


NanoPro Coat The Exterior of Your Home Front to Back

Best Of The Best

NanoPro Borophene Ultimate™

Borophene Ultimate™ is the industry’s first permanent ceramic coating at just 1 layer of application. Borophene. It will give your automotive surface (clear coat) an amazing shine that will remain on your vehicle’s surface. This game changing formula has a 30% higher gloss index than other ceramic coatings in addition to having a 3000 Degree Celsius heat resistance tolerance.

Borophene Ultimate™ is manufactured, exclusively, by Nano Pro (USA), and is the industry's first permanent ceramic coating with just 1 layer of application!

Our proven market strategy explains:

  • 3000 Degree Celsius heat resistance tolerance

  • 30% higher gloss index

  • Lifetime of protection

Tried And Tested

NanoPro Graphene Oxide 10+™

NanoPro Graphene 10 is an industry-leading coating. It comes with a 10+ Hardness coupled with a superior shine from Graphene fluorocarbons. It is really easy to apply. It is developed with oxide to ensure maximum hardness and chemical resistance.

  • Leaves your car with ultimate shine

  • Powerful chemical resistance

  • Gives enhanced hardness

  • Get a 6-year warranty just at one layer

Industry Leading

NanoPro Ceramic Plus 10H Radical™

NanoPro Ceramic Plus 10H Radical is a ceramic gloss to protect your paint. This 10h glass coating leaves your vehicle’s body with a gloss finish. The 10h radical is one of the strongest, shatterproof and flexible ceramic coatings. It comes with a 5-year warranty. You can apply it outside, using your hands.



I have been an installer for three years and have been looking for the best ceramic pro products for my marine. Little did I know it had to be Nano pro that sells the best ceramic coating products and drivers results as promised by them. I 100% recommend to their products to everyone in Florida.



Sanjay Rathava

This is my go to company for Ceramic Coatings! They take care of their installers and are very knowledgeable of the Ceramic Coating industry. My clients absolutely love the results of their 10H Radical and so do I 😎. 100% Recommend



Don Hardesty

I bought this product from Nano Pro called NanoProSoft Fabric Sio3 Ceramic Coating. It is chemically engineered for soft automotive interior seats. I highly recommended buying suede and absorbent material to keep your car looking and feeling as good as new.



Nex Prime

They are an absolute must for any professional Ceramic Coating business. They have an Excellent product with an Excellent warranty. The only company I use and depend on. Hard to beat a company that is so awesome they can add your Ceramic Coating to your CarFax!



Davey Sims


Is NanoPro coatings safe for my car, truck, boat, plane?

Yes, our coatings have been specifically engineered and tested to protect and keep your vehicle protected from the elements.

Does Nano Pro Coatings prevent water spots?

Yes, it also protects your vehicle, boat, plane while making it easier to clean and maintain. Talk about a win, win!

Is paint correction an important part of the ceramic coating process?

Yes, it is highly recommended to correct the paint that NanoPro products will be applied too. Invest now so you can save and not have to dish out more later!

Do you have to be a certified installer to use Nano Pro ceramic coating formulas?

Yes, to eliminate user error NanoPro only put its product in the hands of trusted professionals so you can have peace of mind for years of protection to come.

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